Daily Prompt: Irrelevant

via Daily Prompt: Irrelevant

I am of a mind that suggests that there is nothing that has happened, is happening, or will happen that is irrelevant. It sounds so naive, but everything that is in my life is connected. I cannot think of one single event, that could be considered irrelevant. Whether it was something that was meant to destroy me (self-inflicted or engineered by another) or something that was meant for my good…. it’s all still connected. It all has purpose! I am made stronger, I am more resilient, I am more industrious by learning from the “bad”. I am more appreciative, I am more joyful, I am more observant from experiencing the “good”. So in my very humble estimations, there is no such thing as irrelevant. In observing that all things happen for a reason and in wanting to be my best self: everything is relevant nothing is irrelevant.



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