Daily Post: Undulate 

Listless, non-conforming, but absorbent.  Like a tree branch flowing in a stream, nay, like a sponge.  I embrace life in a state of undulation.  No problems tie me down, no dwellings may constrain me.  I move freely through everything that was present, everything that is present, and everything that will be presented.  Lo there I once had chains. Where are my chains now?  What can the past offer, but solace and reflection or what does the future mean, but limitless possibility?  I undulate.  I venture to see sites unseen, I long to feel sensations unknown to those around me.  I leave in my wake something different, something beautiful, something remembered.  Now let the things that bind and the things that enslave bother me no more.  I move from glory to glory, from mountain to valley, from age to age in undulation.



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